Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the Oil's Path

A personal perspective: At the moment I'm camping in the oil's path, at the southern tip of Florida. I'm almost used to the approach of hurricanes, going through varying degrees of anxiety according to how close I happen to be to the center of the projected path, watching the raw speed and power of the winds and the torrents... considering my options. When you're camping, you tend to have heightened awareness of such things.

This event has those elements... with a darker feeling.

As I watch the red slick approaching my sense of dread and horror is increasing. Reports are now indicating the oil will arrive at Key West in four days and hit the mainland south of Miami within a week. The potential impact on the Everglades is overwhelming. Mangrove swamps, coral reefs and underwater fields of sea grass with myriad life forms could experience devastating impacts that will linger for decades. Or perhaps forever. Extinction is forever.

This catastrophe will diminish us, and make the path ahead more difficult.

Watching the world die isn't pleasant. I want to do more. Many want to do more. As our anguish deepens so must our resolve -- to stop destructive ways. Stop deep water drilling - obviously the technical ability to handle deep high-pressure spills does not exist.

We must decide whether it is more important to survive or have toxic comforts.

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