Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cells of Society

The basic biological building block is the cell. Each of us is made of billions of cells working together. Most of those cells must be healthy for the entire organism to be healthy and function normally.

The basic building block of a species is the individual, be it one cell in single celled species or the billions of cells in beings of the multi-cellular variety, such as ourselves. Individuals are the building blocks of families and larger groupings, such as nations. The complete population of individual human beings makes up our species.

Like all species, our species is a flow of individuals: each one of us a momentary pocket of life which dies. We have varying degrees of communication and understanding and organization among the individuals which make up the population of our species, forming a society. Make no mistake -- even the largest corporations are not monolithic entities, they are composed of and operated by individuals.

Just as most of the cells of our bodies must be healthy for our entire organism to be healthy... most of the individuals in our species/society must be healthy and operate freely for the population to be healthy and function normally. Individuals must have a healthy balanced exchange with their environment -- which enables a species to live.

Since our species is composed of individuals, it is up to individuals to solve and fix the problems our species is facing. When a species, a society, has a high percentage of dysfunctional individuals, living under circumstances which are beyond their control, the health of the entire species suffers. When these problems cannot be solved by individuals, working alone or together, because they are powerless and dysfunctional, they will not be solved, and unhealthy consequence will ensue. The consequence could be the death of our species, our extinction.

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