Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Toxic Threat of 'Rolling Coal'

Well, its been a while since I've posted. It probably would have been a while longer... but "Rolling Coal" has aroused my anger enough to exercise my keyboard muscles.

Some of you may be wondering exactly what "Rolling Coal" refers to. It's where diesel trucks and incredibly stupid and/or evil delinquents mingle with hazardous results. Immature savages are purposefully altering their trucks to spew out as much noxious toxic illness causing climate wrecking pollution as they can. They modify their vehicles to waste fuel and produce extra pollution. Seriously. Nauseating thick clouds of sickness and death. And they think it's cool. They brag about it on Facebook.

I tell you these twisted jerks and their subculture are profoundly bad. They are  assaulting with poisonous compounds. Some of their victims may be elderly with respiration problems. Some may be innocent infants who are especially vulnerable. Others already stressed out from ubiquitous toxic pollution overload and suffering from sub-clinical illnesses could be gassed into critical illnesses. These bastards are making us sick and reducing our lives. Injuring us. Indeed, they're doing it to the whole planet, toxic gasses don't stay put. And these ass-wipes think it's cool. They target their chemical plumes of black carcinogenic soot filled lung choking smoke at pedestrians, bicycle riders, and especially drivers and passengers of efficient 'green' vehicles... particularly when it's a Prius.

These despicable barbarians are typically ultra right wing fascists and blatant haters of Blacks, Indians, Jews, and Environmentalists. They are duped followers of commercial hate radio preachers and Koch brothers who deny Extinction Inducing Human Caused Catastrophic Climate Change. They disregard attack the health and safety of human beings and other species. You're not likely to find any health conscious vegans among them. They are in-your-face criminals, road thugs, who should be prosecuted, incarcerated and fined... but... astonishingly... apparently there aren't any state laws prohibiting this sociopathic brutality... yet. Meanwhile the EPA is mumbling something about this rapidly growing anti-environmental phenomenon as being in violation of their clean air regulations. But Federal enforcement is entirely unrealistic. We need tough State laws with sharp teeth to stop this literally sickening madness.